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Metall-Siegel (JY1.5TS), Kunststoff-Dichtungen


Modell:  JY1.5TS


  • Modell-Nr.: JY1.5TS
  • Standard: Standard
  • ′material: Metall
  • Funktion: Feste Dichtung
  • Marke: Junyue
  • Herkunft: China
  • Material: Druckguss-Aluminium, Stahl
  • Stil: Dichtleiste
  • Form (für Dichtung): Ring-Dichtung
  • Anwendung: Ausrüstung-Dichtung
  • Spezifikation: Standard, Total Länge: 180mm
  • HS-Code: 83099000
Metal Seal (JY1.5TS) , Plastic Cable Seals
Model: JYE1.5TS
Specification: Lock Material:   Die-casting aluminum
Wire Material: Steel 
Tensile Strength:   980N
Total Length: 180mm (Standard)
Cable Diameter: 1.5mm
Lack Head Dimension: 26*22*6mm
Operation Temperature: -40º Cto -110º C(-40° F  to  230° F)
Printing: Laser custom company name, logo and sequential numbers
Bar code decoration is available 
Colour: Standard Colours(Anodized) Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Orange
Other colors Available
Packaging: Standard Packaging 200pcs/per  bundle
2000pcs/per Carton
Carton Dimension 39.5cm× 28.5cm× 20cm
One Seal Weight:   11g.        
Delivery Time: As customer' s requirement
Sample Time: 2-3 working days after confirm orders.

Metal Seal (JY1.5TS) , Plastic Cable SealsMetal Seal (JY1.5TS) , Plastic Cable SealsMetal Seal (JY1.5TS) , Plastic Cable Seals


Produktgruppe : Kabeldichtungen / Metalldichtungen

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